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Thailand is a haven for visitors with different preferences with its mind-boggling variety of offerings. From the natural beauty of the north s mountainous and forested lanscapes, to the bustling city of Bangkok in central Thailand, to the world-famous beaches of the south, there is certainly something for everyone. Similarly, Thai hotels have also evolved to cater to the specific needs of visitors with different purposes and budgets.

No matter whether you opt to stay in a guesthouse, budget, mid-range or luxury hotel, you can be assured of one thing ? service with a smile. Thailand?s famous hospitality extends to all categories of accommodation, and is something that will make you want to return to the country again and again.

For a country that counts tourism as one of its main revenue sources, the hotels in all popular tourist hotspots such as Bangkok, Koh Samui, Chiangmai and Pattaya often go out of their way to offer their guests the best value and convenience. Perhaps the biggest draw for visitors regarding these hotels is their considerable cheaper rates compared to those in their home countries, especially in the West.

This is further sweetened by deals and discounts which are being offered regularly by many of these hotels as well as other inclusions such as hearty continental breakfasts. Together with generally accessible locations, decent amenities and impeccable service standards, staying in hotels in Thailand could not have been a more value for money experience.

If you are visiting Thailand on a limited budget, chances are that you would not want to spend much on your accommodation so that you can concentrate on indulging in the many activities and sights instead. For this reason, budget accommodations are becoming commonplace in Thailand, from the downtown areas in major cities to more remote tourist sights. They usually come in the form of guesthouses or budget hotels. In the big cities, guesthouses are especially common in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, and offer some of the most attractive rates.

The smaller hotels are also usually conveniently located near the city centre or public transport stations and do not have breakfast included in the rates. Regardless of which type of budget accommodation you prefer, cleanliness, comfort, great service and value are hallmarks of budget accommodation in Thailand.

On the other end of the spectrum, some of the highest regarded luxury hotels in the world can be found in Thailand. This means that the standards of luxury accommodation in Thailand are comparable with those in other parts of the world.

You may not have to leave your hotel as almost everything that you need can be found here. Internet access in all rooms, satellite TV and 24-hour room service, on-site dining, entertainment, business, fitness and spa facilities ? your hotel is sure to have them all under one roof. However, do note that only the big cities and famous resorts have a good number of these hotels, as some of the more remote areas only have one luxury hotel in the vicinity.
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