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Homestay Certified Standard 2007
Highlight: An Akha Village that still carries on the ancient way of life and culture along with their beliefs. They live on high mountains near the tea and Wa Wee coffee plantations.

Huai Khi Lek Homestay

Type: Culture and lifestyle

Huai Khi Lek Homestay Background

Ban Huai Khi Lek was established in 1965 on the ridge above Huai Khi Lek stream. To set up their settlements, the leader performed lots throwing of eggs to identify the sacred areas such as the sacred well, village gate and culture grounds. Their religious leaders and ancient ritual dances draw a number of tourists to visit the village. Thus, the leader adopted the idea of setting up a homestay to service these tourists and increase income to the community.
Huai Khi Lek Activities
Concentrate on 3 categories of lifestyle learning as follows:
Culture and tradition: there are 9 festivals year-round, e.g.
– Chon Khai Daeng in April
– Lo Ching Cha (Swing Festival) in August
– Top Spinning New Years in December
1. Environment and Community forest
2. Highland agriculture
Huai Khi Lek Homestay Nearby attractions
• Village gate
• Spirit house
• Sacred well
• Cultural ground and Swing Festival ground
• Herbal forest garden and the site for grasshopper raising ceremony
• Agricultural crop plantations

9 homestay units to accommodate 30 tourists

Service fees
Lodging 60 baht /person/night
Food 50 baht /person/meal
Tour guide service 180 baht /day
Performance/folk games 700 baht /group
Community fund donations 200 baht /person
Welcoming performance 200 baht /group
(Ten Khaen)
Further information
Yanyong Yueyongkhwamdi 089 – 853 – 4502
Wuthikhrai Mopha 089 – 955 – 9872
053 – 160 – 137
1 Moo 9 Tambon Wawi, Amphoe Mae Suai,
Chiang Rai 57180
Route Map