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Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai has never been more exciting.


The tourist in Thailand can probably trip a carillion of famous Thai cities off their tongues although their claims to fame may well be more notorious than famous and remembered for reasons that may well be better forgotten. Clearly Bangkok, being the main city city, holds a unique state they fame. Chang Mai, being the traditional Siam capital, also holds a state they fame. Thailand’s peninsula offers names to travellers to Thailand that lots of know by heart, when they have been visited Thailand or otherwise: Phuket, Pattaya, and Koh Samui.

Thais like to play using their food. Everyone is used to ubiquitous chicken stir fry but few serve it within an edible bowl produced from tarot root. A salad of mushrooms just isn’t uncommon but porcelain white varieties using the look of sea coral raised the bar. Miniature faux fruit were edible, decorated sweet bean paste creations that couldn’t help but allow you to smile.

This region is also famous for its specialty cuisine, benefit from the Khantoke dinner experience. You are seated on to the ground on cushions and spicy mouth-watering dishes are served on the low table. Would you like to have a section of Chiang Mai in your own kitchen back home? Enroll in one of the several Thai cooking classes taught by friendly and specialist chefs.

Both the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai was in the past the administrative centre in the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Meaning literally ‘Kingdom of Million Rice Fields’ The Kingdom of Lanna was centred in contemporary


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