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Homestay Certified Standard 2005 and 2007

Highlight: Scenic views of the Mae Nam Noi River, ancient dwellings and health tours.

 Ban Tha Kham Homestay ;SING BURI 

 Type: Culture and community lifestyle


The locals have settled a long the two banks of Mae Nam Noi for a long time. They make a living raising fish in keep nets. Some go fishing.  The main kind of transport was boat. A folk life museum has been established with a collection of old time survival equipment such as lanterns on fences, rice milling and winnowing equipment, rattan fish traps, fishing poles, carrying poles, finials from temple gables, basketry items, goads, plows, muskets, harpoons, cross bows, mortars, barber chairs and bicycles, etc. All items reflect the old way of life of the central Thai communities.

Besides these, there are cultural performances that are locally originated in the area like Ram-tone, Ram Klong Yao and folk lullabies.  The homestay here was set up for tourists and visitors to experience the life close up.


  • Thai cooking courses and foot massage
  • Panoramic scenery of Mae Nam Noi River by boat
  • Foot massage using herbal lotions
  • Bike tour and visits to fruit gardens
  • Wax sculptures of the nine teachers monk
    , Luang Pho Phae at Wat Phikun Thong
  • Pay respect to the brave ancestors at the Bang Rachan Camp Historic Park.
  • Visit Wat Pho Kao Ton and pay homage to the large meditation Buddha image.
  • Various performances such as the Folk Drum Dances and folk lullabies.


Nearby attractions

  • Wat Phikun Thong    Folk museum
  • Mae Nam Noi boating    Wat Klang Tha Kham


10 homestay units  to accommodate 40 tourists


Service fees  

Lodging                                   300 baht /person/night

(including breakfast, supper and food offerings to the monks)

Folk performances

( 3,000 baht for groups of viewers over 50 persons)

  Further information

Raphiphan Kongkaeo                087-121-7605

10 Moo 5, Tambon Tha Khan, Amphoe Khai Bang Rachan, Sing Buri, 16150

Khai Bang Rachan Hospital       036 – 597 – 041

036 – 535 – 375    Sing Buri Tourisim Center,

036–507–246   036–507–175