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Homestay Certified Standard 2005 and 2007
Highlight: Local history and herb garden

Type: Lifestyle and nature

Background Ban Khuang Buk : PHRAE

A lot of people nowadays are health conscious and love to learn how to live close to nature. Most of them lack the knowledge or place to learn or the idea of linking the local wisdom to their needs, especially the Thai way of rural living. This causes them to lose the physical balance and become ill easily. The Traditional Thai Development Medicine Foundation has joined with the Public Health Center of Huai Rai in establishing the Local Vegetable and Food Learning Center along with the operation of Ban Khuang Buk Homestay to help the locals draw income from tourism. Besides the direct experience from staying with the villagers, the visitors will get to learn about the local wisdom concerning herbal plants, forest product foraging and local culture and traditions.

Activities Ban Khuang Buk : PHRAE

• Trekking through the forest to see the bio diversity at different bases set up throughout the reserved forest
• Finding forest products such as crickets, digging stream crabs, steaming stream fish in bamboo container.
• Learn to make herbal tea
• Make herbal Luk-pra-kop (herbal compress) and learn about the local vegetables and herbs and practice the hermit massage exercise (Ruesi Dad-ton).
• Travel down the canal to see the community life.
• Bike around the hill, visit the villagers.
Nearby attractions
• Phar That Su Thon Mongkhon Khiri
• Erawan Cave (Forest Garden)
• Wat Phra That Cho Hae and Phra Chao Than Chai


20 homestay units to accommodate 50-70 tourists
Service fees
(Lodging plus meals/breaks)
One day 150-200 baht/person
2 days 1 night 650 baht/person
1 day, one night 550 baht/person
3 days 2 nights 1,100 baht/person

Further information

Boontiang Srikum 081 – 704 – 5663
Siriphan Phinyochuto 081 – 885 – 0728
Tambon Ban Huai Rai Public Health Center, Moo 7 Tambon Ban Huai Rai Amphoe Den Chai, Phrae 54110