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Homestay Certified Standard 2006

Highlight: A community of Laotian immigrant surrounded by rice fields.

Ban Kham Homestay ;SUPHAN BURI

Type: Culture and agriculture


Ban Kham Homestay was founded in 2004 to receive a number of tourists who came and requested for lodging. A legend about the origin of the village’s name is related to a group of Laotians from Vientiane who crossed the Khong River to settle in the area and build their houses surrounding a large tamarind (ma kham) tree which still remains to the present.




  • Fabric weaving (pha khaoma and mad mi).
  • Cooking, local desserts and grass farming
  • Baisi welcoming ceremony and departure feasts
  • Bike tour
  • Fishing in rice fields and natural water sources
  • Making fermented rice noodles (khanom chin) (on certain occasions and festivals)
  • Popped rice grinding (in a religious festival on
    April 13th )
  • Folk music played with the local panpipes (khaen) and harvest dance
  • Folk recitations about the local wisdom and life of people in Ban Kham community






Nearby attractions

  • Wat Khao Di Salak
  • Phan Mai Ngam Agricultural Promotion Center


12 homestay units to accommodate 40-50 tourists

Service fees

Lodging                                   150 baht /person/night

Food                                           50 baht /meal/person

Folk performance fee             3,000 baht /show

Motorized farm tractor (e-taen) riding  30 baht/person

  • Further information

Phusit Chaobutdi089– 550–5317  035–421–773– 4

Ban Kham Community Center, Moo 2, Tambon Phlapphla Chai, Amphoe U Thong, Suphan Buri 72160