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Homestay Certified Standard 2005 and 2007
Highlight: Tai Lue community who followed their ruler to Thailand have preserved their traditional culture. Their temples as well as the way they wear their traditional costumes on special occasions can clearly show their identity.

Type: Culture and lifestyle

Background Ban Don Mun Tai Lue Group Homestay

The Tai Lue at Ban Don Mun immigrated during the war victory period of “Kep Phak Sai Sa, Kep Kha Sai Mueang” of Lanna. They followed Chao Sumonthewarat, the ruler of Nan city in 2354 B.E. Their emigration route went through Phu Kha (the capital), Mueang Khop, Chiang Khong, Ban Sakoen and Amphoe Song Khwae. The Tai Lue immigrants comprised both the nobles and the peasants. One ruler who came with them was Chao Luang Anuphap (a predecessor of the ruler of Mueang La) who was later appointed by the Nan ruler to control the farming and irrigation system at Mueang Si Phrom (Tambon Pa Kha, Si Phum and Tan Chum). He led many check dam constructions and rice farming for Nan city. He was later promoted to the rank of Chao Chai Songkhram. The Tai Lue at Don Mun called him Chao Luang Anuphap Chai Song Kharm.

Activities Ban Don Mun Tai Lue Group Homestay

• The Baisi ceremony as a blessing to the visitors
• The city entering ceremony, religious rites to worship ancestors, merit making, spirit worship and presenting food offerings to the monks.
• Prosperity prediction ceremony, a festival when the villagers come to socialize. Bike around and enjoy the scenery.
• Culture performances
• Tai Lue food at the Khan Tok feast
• Trek around the Reserve forest and go to Doi Wa Wee.
• Folk products
• Tour around the village and Wat Don Mun
• Visit the agricultural farming of the locals

Nearby attractions Ban Don Mun Tai Lue

• Rattan Khan Tok maker group
• Wat Nong Bua
• Mueang La ruler’s oracle
• Tai Lue Temple at Wat Don Mun
• The Monument of the Mueang La Leader
• Ban Tai Lue Learning Center


20 homestay units to accommodate 60 tourists
Service fees
Lodging 100 baht /person/night
Food 50 baht /person/meal
Tour guide 100 baht /person/day
Baisi set 800-1,000 baht /set
Tai Lue Dance and Cotton Spinning Dance
1,000-2,500 baht

Further information
Boonyang Khamyuang 086 – 195 – 7033
Phuyai Sawing Thepsen 089 – 964 – 6983
Thanyamat Wongthai 089 – 489 – 2247
72 Ban Don Mun, Tambon Siphum, Amphoe Tha Wang Pha, Nan 55140